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Coronavirus Outbreak (All Activities Suspended)

All of our activities and projects have been suspended until further notice due to Coronavirus epidemic. Based on current school circumstances and closures surrounding (COVID-19), the 2020 Granny's Angels Scholarship is suspended. For additional information please educate yourselves and practice good hygiene and social distance to help stop coronavirus. Click here to learn more!


STAY home as much as you can

KEEP a safe distance

WASH hands often

COVER your cough

SICK? Seek medical assistance.

Every day someone somewhere inspires our mission through Christ to accomodate others and assist with opportunities that improve those in our communities for a better tomorrow.  After that, year after year, we want to be counted as one of the best and brightest service providers our community has to offer.  

Granny's Angels is a 501 (c) 3, non-profit organization established (2011) and inspired by a second and third generation who realize that it is never enough to just declare those in need to continue to struggle alone. Unless individuals are prepared and their unmet needs are met, the system has failed and so have we! Our goal is to first be led by God, then lead by example, create opportunities, and to support those in need. 

Check out our products portfolio!

Below are examples of the services we provide and what we do in the community. Contact us to see what we can do for you!

High School Senior Scholarship Support

Do you have a HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR applying for college?

Granny’s Angels can assist you!

We will provide a $1,000 to be awarded to a high school senior in Johnston County who may not have hope or feel they can't take the next step. Contact us for an application and review scholarship guidelines. Scholarships and financial support is awarded based on available funds. 

ACS Relay for Life Volunteer Support

We really enjoy volunteering  each year at the local American Cancer Society Relay for Life event each year on behalf of our loved ones.  We also provide donations for continued research for a cure. It’s because of all passionate volunteers that the ACS is making significant progress in the fight against cancer.  We hope you will join us!

Community Care 

and Support

Our goal is to be a part of the solution by raising awareness and assistance to those who matter most to us by coaching, mentoring, and developing others in the community, providing care, offering support during crisis, and providing educational opportunity. We want to create the ripple effect  by expanding love, support, and giving back! Donate today.


      Called to Care.                            A Family Affair.                         Helping Others Help Themselves

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