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How We Got Our Start....

​Services be​gan several years ago with the culmination of spiritual guidance, missionary work, and an executed rearing of neighborhood youth by our grandparents, Zera Amerson Hampton and Annie Mae Robinson Covington. Our parents, Elijah and Mae Hampton, continue to play an integral part of love and support for us to carry on this work.

Zera Amerson Hampton

Granny Zera  was born April 11, 1911 and lived in small town of Meadow (Benson), NC. She had seven sons and four daughters and was married to the late Charlie Hampton. 

She was a virtuous woman with a pioneering spirit of Godliness and was known to many for her missionary service and "healing hands" in the community near and far by taking care of the poor, healing the sick and visiting the shut-in. She pastored Johnson Grove Holiness Church and was a true example for women of all ages teaching everyone about Jesus until her health declined.  She died January 30, 1979 in Durham. 

Annie Mae Robinson Covington

Granny Annie was born July 1914, the daughter of the late Mary and Charlie Robinson. She had 15 children and was married to the late Samuel Covington. She lived in Elevation township, a small community near Benson, NC. She was also a woman of virtue with that pioneering spirit of Godliness and became known for her dedicated missionary service in the neighborhood and Bible Church of God while serving as Pastor of Johnson Grove a short while. Unlike Granny Zera, she did not have drivers license but made phone calls relying on others to take her far and near to attend to the needs of others until her health declined. She died March 22, 2005 in Benson, NC. 

Mae Covington Hampton

Moma Mae....what can we say! We have the great privilege to call her our dear Mother. She is blessed and truly a virtuous woman of God.  She  married and had 14 children with the late Elijah Hampton (son of Granny Zera), a devoted husband, father, and deacon. Together, they founded Hampton Memorial Church where she served as Pastor for over 20 years. She learned her virtues and values from  the former, amazing women we've had the pleasure of knowing for a good portion of our lives - "Granny Zera and her mother, "Granny Annie."

Mom is among true women of virtue and simplicity and is a living inspiration to a lot of women  and people in the community. A few distinct virtues come to mind is also her pioneering spirit of hard work, giving, and willingness to help others come to Christ. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, MOM!!!

 We have learned and continue to learn from these AMAZING, PIONEERING WOMEN!

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